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A Comprehensive Rehabilitation Learning Enhancement System
for the Developmentally Disabled


Dr.Avi Jakubowicz

“V Secret” is a unique rehabilitation,Preventive medicine in V-Secret method, treatments, educational, learning system specifically developed for developmentally disabled children and handicapped adults. At the core, it is an integrated, multi-sensory program that enables the developmentally disabled to learn anything from colors, shapes, numbers and letters to reading, writing and speaking to improvement of concentration, memory, sequencing, concept, gross and fine motor, functioning capacity and visual skills. Children also gain greater confidence, self-esteem and faith in themselves. They begin to believe in their ability to really achieve success. The “V-Secret” method consists of specially designed computer equipment, interactive software, keyboard and a complete kit-set of teaching materials & special seminars of v-secret.

From Real Life to Real Results
“Faith, hope, patience, and above all love -- are the tools one needs to overcome the complexity of difficulties facing disabled children. They are the tools that offer strength and encouragement in the long struggle”.
Dr.Avi Jakubowicz, developer and creator of “V-Secret” Learning Enhancement System for the Developmentally disabled. The secret emanates from Avi’s personal life experience. Dr.Avi younger brother, Raz is severely handicapped. He learns and communicates with the world through the use of a special keyboard and computer program. Avi’s strong background in music, education, psychology as both composer and musician, combined with a lifetime experience in living with, and teaching the handicapped led to the creation of the “V-Secret” method.

The “V-Secret” Method
... A World of Harmony
The “V-Secret” method can be individually tailored to meet the needs of developmentally disabled children as young as 1-11/2 years of age to handicapped adults. All can be taught in harmony with a unique interactive musical program. The program for the very young begins with teaching colors. Each color is correlated to a particular musical sound either the instructor or the child can initiate. Similarly with shapes, which correspond to musical sounds. The next step is the somewhat more complex interrelationship among sounds, forms and colors. In teaching the numbers, the fingers and sounds are connected. Continual change and variation in the method help improve the child’s thinking and analysis skills. The children not only learn to distinguish among the colors, shapes, numbers and sounds, but also gain important concentration, hand-eye coordination, gross motor, memorization, musical instrument playing and other skills.

In accordance with the above, and further to the “V-Secret” method, Dr.Avi Jakubowicz teaches in a new and subsequent method, by which the child can learn to read, write and speak in an improved, quick and efficient way.

National and International Recognition

• Dr.Avi Jakubowicz has received personal recognition from the highest ministries in Israel. The Ministry of Education awarded him has Doctorate for his work in the development of the “V-Secret” method. He is also recognized by the Ministry as a distinguished lecturer.
• Bar Ilan University’s School of Education, which awarded the program the prestigious “Baker Award of Education” (See document at the end of the file).
• The Israeli National Health System, Kupat Holim. Many of their patients participate in the program.
• The Israeli Ministry of Education has granted the program the distinguished status of a “Life Work Project”.
• The “V-Secret” is protected by international patents and copyrights.
• Dr.Avi Jakubowicz has received the a “Prize for the sake of social care” from the chief justice Professor Shamgar.

*The method has received great echo in the press in the past years and Dr.Avi Jakubowicz receives many letters of appreciation from the different committees and organizations he is working with.This year (1996), Dr.Avi’s method was selected for the “Prime Minister- Protection of the Child” Award.

The main center is located in Ramat Gan, Israel (a suburb of Tel Aviv). There are numerous other centers throughout the country. Staff have been specially trained by Dr.Avi Jakubowicz in the implementation of the program. Staff work with hundreds of developmentally disabled children, handicapped soldiers and special needs adults, as well as numerous organizations and kibbutzim throughout the country. The Israeli Ministry of Education has also asked the “V-Secret” staff to train teachers in the Israeli school system on their special method. The “v-secret” method works in: Cyprus, Austria, Germany, Italy, Canada Israel, S.Afrika.

Professional Staff
The “V-Secret” works with in-house staff as well as distinguished professionals of V-Secret Centers:
- Dr.Avi Jakubowicz (M.B.M.D, Phd.N.D.RNa.) CEO & G.M. of V-Secret Centers.
- Dr. Noizin –(M.D.) Pediatrician specialized in children’s diseases.
- Dr. Meller,(M.D.) Eye specialist.
- Dr. Bruria Kublenz(Phd.) clinical psychologist.